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Dissonance VoIP⚓︎

Dissonance is a realtime Voice over IP (VoIP) system designed to be built directly into Unity games.

  • Low latency/real-time voice communications.
  • Compact Opus encoding.
  • Multiple chat rooms.
  • Private messages to individual players.
  • Voice Activation and Push To Talk.
  • Positional Audio.
  • Echo cancellation.
  • Flexible Networking.

Getting Started⚓︎

The Project Setup will guide you through importing Dissonance into your project and then present you with links to tutorials.

Intermediate Topics⚓︎

These tutorials are intended for after you understand how to use the basic core features of Dissonance, they will guide you on how to get the most out of voice communication for your game.

Advanced Topics⚓︎

If you want to do something unusual with Dissonance the advanced tutorials are the place to start. However we can't cover everything so if what you want to achieve isn't covered try asking the community or reporting an issue.