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Voice Proximity Receipt Trigger⚓︎

The Voice Proximity Receipt Trigger receives voice to an infinite grid of "virtual rooms", creating a proximity chat system by placing nearby players into the same rooms.

Voice Proximity Receipt Trigger Inspector


This section controls which room the trigger receives from.

Chat Room⚓︎

It is possible to have several proximity broadcast systems running simultaneously (e.g. one per team), the room name uniquely identifies this room.


Set the distance to receive voice, players within this distance will be considered "near" and will be placed into the same room.


The range must be exactly the same for the broadcast trigger and the receipt trigger!

Access Tokens⚓︎

Add Access Tokens which are required for this broadcaster to broadcast voice. This trigger will only receive if the DissonanceComms component has one or more of the necessary tokens.

Collider Activation⚓︎

Only receive when the local player is inside a sibling collider volume.