Simple drag and drop setup
Friendly and responsive support
Efficient encoding with the cutting edge Opus codec
Powerful room system supports multiple indepedent chat rooms
Great documentation with easy to follow video tutorials
Fantastic multithreaded performance with minimal memory usage
DissonancePhoton Voice
Audio Quality
Noise Attenuation
Automatic Gain Control
Soft Clipping
Adaptive Playback
Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Forward Error Correction
Multiple Channels
3D Audio
Collider Chat Rooms
Speaker Priority
Access Tokens
Soft Fade
Peer-To-Peer Voice
Custom Networking System
Built In Unity Netcode For GameObjects
Built In UNet HLAPI
Built In Forge Remastered
Built In Photon Unity Networking 2
Built In Photon Fusion
Built In TNet3
Built In DarkRift2
Built In Mirror
Built In WebRTC Network
Platform Support
Magic Leap

Get Started

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Follow The Tutorials. This series of tutorials will walk you through the basics of setting up a simple team based voice chat system all the way up to a complex multi team, multi room, positional chat system with complex audio effects.

Join The Community. Come onto the discussion forum and say "hi". Get help with Dissonance, discuss your voice chat setup, and join the conversation about new features and improvements coming to Dissonance.

Report A Bug. If you discover a bug with Dissonance report it to us and we shall respond quickly, suggest workarounds to get you back to developing your game and alert you as soon as we have developed and released a fix.