Dissonance 1.0.7 With SALSA Lip Sync

April 5, 2017

Dissonance has been out for nearly three months and in that time we've been working hard to release new versions with a variety of features and bugfixes. We've added support for MacOS and iOS, better latency compensation, support for dedicated servers and a variety of live inspectors. Check out all of the versions we've released in that time.

With Dissonance 1.0.7 we're releasing the coolest new feature yet. We've been collaborating with Crazy Minnow Studio to integrate Dissonance and SALSA to achieve real time lip synchronisation with live voice chat!

The new integration is freely available to anyone who owns both Dissonance and SALSA. To use it you'll need to make sure you have SALSA v1.5.0+ and Dissonance v1.0.6+. Visit the SALSA website to download the integration and for documentation on how to use the integration.

Please note that Dissonance 1.0.7 has been submitted to the store and is awaiting approval before being available for download. However the SALSA integration is perfectly compatible with Dissonance 1.0.6 which is available on the asset store right now.

Dissonance Is Released

January 19, 2017

Dissonance is a voice communications asset which makes it easy to add high quality, low latency voice communications to your multiplayer game. It's flexible enough to create complex setups with multiple chat channels, positional audio playback and collider based chat rooms with no scripting required. Conversely it has a simple but powerful API available to scripts which gives you complete control over the system.

We're incredibly excited to announce that Dissonance is finally available for sale on the Unity Asset Store for an initial price of $45 per seat. This price includes built in support for UNet, HLAPI and Photon as well as free access to patches to add more networking systems in the future (and of course you can write your own).

This is just the start. We have several upgrades already in development and planned for release in the coming months (including Mac and iOS Support). Feel free to contact us if you'd like to know more, help out with testing or request a feature

Dissonance Is In Development

September 8, 2016

Dissonance is a voice communications asset for the Unity game engine. Dissonance makes it easy to get high quality, low latency voice communication into your game no matter what network system you're using.

Work on Dissonance began back in July. We noticed that despite integrated voice communication being an essential part of a modern multiplayer game there were only *two* assets on the unity store for voice chat! Voice communication can be a hard problem to tackle, and in that short time we've built:

  • Realtime audio decoding pipeline
  • Multithreaded mic capture and encoding
  • Custom voice activation detection filter
  • Low level networking system with integrations for four other popular unity networking systems
  • A powerful and flexible chat room system with support for trigger volumes
  • Documentation, documentation, documentation!

We're not finished by a long way! But I'm excited to say that we are approaching a point where we can release the first version of Dissonance. Within the next few weeks we'll be looking for testers who would be willing to try adding Dissonance to their multiplayer game and giving us detailed feedback on what worked and what didn't. If that sounds like you, contact us!