Version 1.0.5

This release is primarily a refactoring release - the system we use for compiling native dependencies has been totally rebuilt in preparation for adding a new and improved voice detector in a future release.


No integrations are available for this version of Dissonance

New Features

  • Added an inspector for the SamplePlaybackComponent which shows statistics on the playback pipeline

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a multithreaded torn variable read on 32 bit systems
  • Fixed some serialization errors in the Forge demo scene
  • Included LLAPI demo scene in package
  • Fixed the `WaveFormat` property of the SpeechSession being wrong value
  • Fixed the playback system consuming samples at the wrong rate in some circumstances (causing serious desyncs)
  • Fixed the microphone capture pipeline losing samples when the pipeline is overloaded
  • Automatically resizing the buffers in the capture pipeline to make it harder to overload

Known Issues

  • Lacking platform support for:
    • Windows Universal Platform
  • VAD does not always work well (particularly on mobile devices)