Dissonance After A Year

One year ago today Dissonance released onto the asset store after six months of development. Since then we have released 29 new versions with lots of exciting new features (and a lot of bugfixes too!). As this is published the 30th update, Dissonance 6.0.2, has just been submitted to the asset store and will be available shortly.

This release includes several small fixes to the acoustic echo cancellation which was introduced in Dissonance 6.0.0.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

After many months of experimentation it's finally here! Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) watches the audio coming out of the speakers and then removes that audio when it is recorded by the microphone a few milliseconds later. This prevents unbearable feedback loops, hearing your own voice sent back to you and even suppresses game sound effects from being transmitted.

At the moment AEC is experimental. Quality on desktop computers has generally been excellent but it can vary with a large number of factors such as microphone quality, speaker quality, size of the room and even the amount of soft furnishing nearby! On mobile phones AEC is significantly less well tested because we only have access to a limited number of devices to test with and so it's crucial that we get feedback - if you use AEC please contact us and tell us what does and does not work.

Flexible Encoding Settings

In previous version of Dissonance all clients in a session used the same audio encoding settings. With flexible encoding settings this is no longer required - each client transmits it's settings when it joins the session allowing you to choose the best settings for each platform.

See the full release notes for this version here.