Version 1.0.4

This release brings a large change to the playback system which should improve it's robustness in the face of a number of bad situations such as low frame rate, overloaded processor, incorrect playback speed and terrible network conditions.


No integrations are available for this version of Dissonance

New Features

  • Automatically adjusting playback speed to compensate for recording/playback clock skew.
  • Automatically adjusting the size of the playback buffer based on network jitter (more responsive voice in good conditions, less robot voice in bad conditions).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed log system losing some message from non-main threads.
  • Fixed LLAPI integration not properly handling the disconnect event (leaving the session in an inconsistent state and preventing future reconnections).
  • Fixed microphone capture losing some data in extremely low framerate situations.
  • Refactored internals of BaseServer and BaseClient, this should not affect custom network integrations.

Known Issues

  • Lacking platform support for:
    • Windows Universal Platform
  • VAD does not always work well (particularly on mobile devices)
  • End users require a specific version of the C++ runtime installed