Dissonance 3.0.0 Release

This release is biggest one yet with four big new changes to Dissonance!

Universal Windows Platform

First up is support for the Universal Windows Platform (also known as WSA). Now you can use Dissonance in apps targetting cool new platforms like the Windows mixed reality headsets and the Microsoft Hololens.

Note: Due to a mistake made during the release process you must delete the Assets/Plugins/Dissonance/Plugins/ARM directory before building for UWP

Forge Networking Remastered

A lot of people have been asking for this and it's finally here; we now have an integration available for the new Forge Networking Remastered asset. Big thanks to the Forge developers and everyone in the Forge Discord chat who have helped to make this happen. Download the package below and read the tutorial to get started.

Channel Volume And Soft Fading

Thirdly we've added support for changing the volume of each individual channel you are broadcasting on - giving you more control over how others hear you. We've used this to add faders to the VoiceBroadcastTrigger component - by default all voice will now fade out over 0.15 seconds instead of cutting off instantly. You can configure this and some other fader settings in the revamped inspector for the component. See more about channel volumes and the trigger fader settings here.

Peer-to-Peer Voice Routing

Finally, the largest change of all is the internal changes to how Dissonance networking works - it's now possible for voice packets to be sent directly from peer to peer when the undlerying network system supports it! This can significantly reduce latency and bandwidth usage. These changes involve one very small breaking change to custom network integrations which use the BaseClient, BaseServer and BaseCommsNetworkclasses, the TPeer generic parameter must be a struct. Besides this the change is completely backwards compatible and will continue working with your custom networking - see the documentation for custom network implementations for more details on how to enhance your integration to enable p2p routing.

See the full release notes for this version here.