Wet Stuff Newsurn:uuid:ac5b550a-e8f2-438e-88a8-dcb0be5450ee2019-01-21T16:25:02.852ZMartin Evansmartin@placeholder-software.co.ukhttp://martindevans.me/wetstuff/news/2018-05-18-Coming-Soon.htmlHelp Us Test Wet Stuff2018-05-17T23:00:00.000Z<p>Wet Stuff makes it easy to instantly make any surface appear wet. It's our second asset after <a href="https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/70078?aid=1100lJDF">Dissonance Voice Chat</a> over a year ago!</p> <p>Wet stuff provides a powerful set of tools for making surfaces appear wet. Layered and animated decals can be used to simulate puddles, rain buildup, damp patches, leaking pipes, and more - all without making modifications to any existing texture or shaders. This allows you to dramatically change the atmosphere of a scene in seconds with simple to use tools in the editor. Or decals can be automatically generated by particle systems to accurately simulate splatters and splashes.</p> <p>Right now we're looking for testers - If this sounds like something that might be useful in your game send an email to <a href="mailto://admin@placeholder-software.co.uk">admin@placeholder-software.co.uk</a> and we'll get back to you with a copy to try out. <img src="/images/DemoReelEndCard.png" style="width:100%" />